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Operanoid! An Arkanoid/Breakout game for the DS Browser

A few months ago I learned about this excellent set of games created by rkm for the Nintendo DS browser.

Inspired by this, I thought I’d try my hand and at creating a game of my own for the system. Here, finally, is the result of that work. The game is fairly straightforward, move the paddle around to bounce back the ball, break all blocks to proceed to next level. Bonuses can fall and can be good or bad. Currently only four levels available, more (and further game improvements) may come later.

The bad news is that neither me nor rkm were able to find a way to get the dragging effect of the stylus to be recognized, presumably since this is caught for the window panning instead. Thus, to move the paddle you just tap the place where you want to go. A little annoying, but you get used to it. Another note, the game works best in SSR mode, so make sure you set your browser to that before you start.

It’s also occured to me that this game might make a nifty widget, too, so I may release an Operanoid widget later.

Without further ado: Operanoid!

14 replies on “Operanoid! An Arkanoid/Breakout game for the DS Browser”

I found small bug. I push ball (from edge) and now it’s moving horizontal.

Great game. I am writing modules for the open source content management system Drupal ( and am writing game modules where I take a GPL licensed (or less eg freeware) javascript game and convert it to a Drupal module. An example of a game I’ve done this for is the concentration game ( right hand side of

I was wondering if I can convert your breakout game into a Drupal module? I will be sure to give you full credit.

Cool tried it and managed to get the ball bouncing from wall to wall at the same level as the paddle. Couldn’t get out of it so I had to restart the game.

Thanks guys!

More levels is easy, so they’ll definitely be more of them.

I’m not sure if the multi-ball bonus would be too good idea (at least for the DS) since that would probably slow the game down too much. But it might be okay for a desktop version.

Ball sticky to paddle should be easy, so I think I’ll add that.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Yes, definately cool. And I agree that it would make a nice widget. I am looking forward to improved versions of the game. More levels! And also it would be cool if some other of the “bonuses” from Arcanoid would be implemented. I.e. two balls bonus, “ball sticky to the paddle” bonus etc.

Anyway – good job!