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SVG-Edit 2.4 released

Apologies for the lack of blog updates, hopefully this big one will make up for the lack of news.

Today, SVG-Edit 2.4 was released. It’s a free web-based vector graphics editor that uses only open web technologies to operate, making it work on all modern web browsers. The 2.4 version (code named Arbelos) introduces powerful new tools including the ability to zoom, make curved paths, and organize shapes using groups and layers, as well as many other smaller features.

Since the editor runs directly from the browser, you can give it a whirl right now just by visiting the demo page. If you’d like to learn more about it first, feel free to watch Jeff Schiller‘s excellent intro video (v 2.2), as well as the first and second parts of the new features in 2.4.

As a project that uses HTML, CSS, SVG, JavaScript and the jQuery library, it’s been the perfect project for me to contribute to. I’ve learned a lot of new things about these technologies, and got my first experience in working with others on a true open source project. I’m very grateful to Jeff for inviting me to help out on the project, and for recently allowing me to be one of the project owners of SVG-Edit. I’d also like to thank our lead tester wormsxulla both for filing so many issues, as well as for attracting translators willing to help translate SVG-Edit into eight different languages.

I hope SVG-Edit provides people with a fast and easy to use tool to create their SVG images without requiring an installation process. Please let me or anyone else from the project know if you find any bugs, have any suggestions or would like to contribute. Thanks!

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