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Big “When Can I Use” update!

UPDATE: The Android 2.2 browser has now also been included.

I’m happy to announce a number of new changes to, providing all sorts of new information for your feature support needs:

Mobile browser information

Preview of mobile browser columnsThe most popular WCIU request has been to add tables for support for mobile web browsers. This is now available together with the desktop browsers, including for now: iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) browsers, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile and the Android browser. These are known to be the most popular mobile browsers, so I thought I’d start with them. You can view each type as a set by using the URL or In the future more mobile browsers are likely to be added, with the grade A browsers on this chart having priority.

Browser usage statistics

Preview of global usage statisticsIf you’d like to know just what percentage of users can use a given feature, you can now get a rough idea from the “Global user stats” displayed in the upper-right hand corner of a feature. Of course your audience may be very different, so this should just be used as a guide. Mobile browser statistics are not currently included, but hopefully I can find some way to include them in the future.

Single feature pages

Each feature has its own non-hash URL now, (i.e. which is useful when sharing a feature table with others or looking up a feature quickly. These pages are designed to load quickly, with a link back to their interactive versions.

Search from address field

This previously existing feature has now been improved: Type in your query directly after and you will be directed either to the related feature page or (if multiple results are found) to the search results page. For example, will redirect you to the page.

Feature index

Preview of feature indexA full overview of all features mentioned on WCIU listed by category is now available by clicking on the big “Index” tab. The same overview is available on each single feature page too.

Feedback buttons

Each feature now includes a “Feedback” button, which you can use to quickly send me a correction/link suggestion, etc.

More browser features

Five new features have been added:

Also, thanks to the site’s restructuring, I plan on adding many more features in the future.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

I have fixed a number of bugs related to the working of the option checkboxes and URL hash, so things should work more as you’d expect them to. A number of links/notes/descriptions have also been updated. I’ve also added a “Three versions back” era (hidden by default) in case you need to go back even further in time.

So that’s it! The remaining request I’ve had is for a public API, which is something I’m still looking into but should be in my next big update.

Enjoy the new features, and let me know if you run into any bugs or mistakes.

13 replies on “Big “When Can I Use” update!”

Hi, well done for the table.

I have one question though. Where do you get the mobile browser data? I found something mismatch with our survey.
Now, all we need to do is to get Google to index and topple w3schools from the results.

Hi, well done for the table.

I have one question though. Where do you get the mobile browser data? I found something mismatch with our survey.

I read the FAQ, but only find descriptions about desktop browsers.
As you said:

Where do you get your information?

Most information comes directly from the latest developer/preview/nightly builds as seen in this list:

Internet Explorer 9 information is based on the Platform Previews.
Future Firefox information is based on features planned for the latest Gecko build.
Future Safari information is based on the latest Webkit nightly builds.
Chrome information is based on the latest developer preview.
Future Opera information is based on experimental builds

Oh, but this is fantastic. And the “Allow Polyfills” checkbox takes it to a whole other level. Thank you!

Suggestion: It would be great if changing the options didn’t reset the search, but just updated the current search result in place.

The switch between “compatibility tables” and “browser comparison” buttons is somewhat broken. Comparison button will only work the first time you click when you enter the site. If you click on compatibility tables first, then comparison, you see nothing.

Other than that, nice update!

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