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Where are the decent Wii games?

I like to play games. Don’t play much, don’t own many consoles. I do own a Wii. The Wii seemed very cool and exciting at first, and certainly has some cool games for it. I do not regret buying a Wii.

However. What disappoints me is that there are so few decent Wii games, especially compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3. And yet it’s the best-selling console of this generation. Let me give you some statistics from Metacritic, a site that takes scores on games from a variety of review sites, and then mashes them together into a single number.

For “decent” games, I’ll look at games that have at least a score of 75. Sound fair? Usually a game with a score of 75 is kind of a “meh” game that you would pick up if you could find it cheaply. So I think I’m being quite generous calling a 75 game “decent”.

Here are the statistics for games that scored 75+, as of September 17, 2007.

  • Wii: 15
  • PS3: 36
  • Xbox 360: 110

I could draw a little pie chart to illustrate how frikkin’ FEW Wii games this is, but for these numbers I really don’t have to. It normally takes quite a lot for me to complain about something like this, but come on! There are more Wiis sold than 360’s, and yet the 360 has more than 7 times as many games! I’d almost feel sorry for Microsoft. Didn’t they have this “It’s the games, stupid” mentality when they came out with the original Xbox? A (game system) generation later and they’re actually taking an incredible lead in “playable” games, while the Wii outsells their system. Do gamers just not care that much about the games anyway? Yes, I know, the Xbox 360 has been out longer than the Wii has, so more games are obvious. But this many? And the PS3 was released at the same time, and STILL has over twice as many decent games.

So really, why are things the way they are?

Maybe there really are more playable games, but the reviewers are biased against the Wii?
Maybe it’s just too hard to make a good Wii game?
Maybe developers are too lazy to put too much effort into making a great Wii game, knowing it will probably sell easily anyway?
Maybe there aren’t enough hard core Wii gamers to cater to?

The first point is hard too imagine, the second is unlikely based on the handful of good games that DO exist…so I suspect it’s the last two. The Wii is hot, and is being played by people young and old. Why bother making anything better than some cartoony mini-game filled piece of crap? Nintendo knows better than to really dumb down their games, but few other developers seem to really care about the needs of the real gamers.

Surely I’m not the only one who feels disappointed by this?

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There are some decent ones such as wii fit, wii sports, mario galaxy, mario kart etc but i do agree that it’s kinda short in the 3d shooting category

I ordered the Wii and Wii fit for my 20 year old daughter for Christmas. Everyone has had a wonderful time with it and she is using it daily for exercise and weight loss along with eating right. Everyday she has lost a little more weight and is having fun with it. That is important. Now you can’t beat that.Nintendo wii System with Wii Fit Plus Bundle

but its not even as if its just how few good games there are, even the good ones on all platforms get dumbed down for the wii. For example; Ultimate Alliance, Force Unleashed, Manhunt 2. The few good games there are on wii seem to be spoilt by nintendos seemingly unsatiable urge to sabotage itself.

maybe its the fact that some games you cant play on Wii because of the joystick and the substandard controller.

Nintendo Wii targets a young audience with a simple storyline and little things that entertain. Thats why gamers rate them so low, they arent as exciting and fast paced as the games on xbox 360 or ps3.

How can you play call of duty or nba 2k8 on wii? you cant

I hear you. There is a technical explanation for why xbox has more playable games, if you care to know. This is simply because games that are written for the PC (Microsoft windows) are easier to port to the xbox because the xbox runs on Microsoft OS; and the reason there are more games written on the PC is because that is where programmers learn to code and where they do most of their coding at. Since 90% of the world’s PC runs on windows, you can just do the math on how many games people would write for this platform. By sheer probability, there are bound to be playable games. No one starts learning how to program using a Wii.

Once they have ported it for the xbox, more money and resources have to be invested in order to port it to the other platforms. Sometimes, some game companies have also got to sign a pact with Microsoft, so that the games would be exclusive for the xbox platform (at least for a certain period). That is why, ladies and gentlemen, adults and kids, Wii will almost always have fewer playable games.

there are good games like wii sports (should come with wii) wii play (hard to get) smash bros brawl brilliant game comin out next year.