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Browser selection in Windows Installer

As a result of Opera’s antitrust complaint against Microsoft, I started thinking about how Microsoft might allow a selection of web browsers for Windows.
Then, I made this mockup image:

Note the following problems with this scenario:

  1. Internet Explorer will be mostly recognized by people, and is bound to be highlighted some way or another (mainly by being the only one supported by MS)
  2. Who decides which browsers make the cut to this list? Just about anyone can make a Gecko based browser or an Internet Explorer shell
  3. Do, in fact, Internet Explorer shells like Maxthon and Avant Browser make the list? They use IE’s engine (trident), and thus suffer many of the same shortcomings
  4. Which browser(s) get to be installed for mass installations?
  5. Should browser makers be allowed to add a short blurb about their browser?

If Microsoft were forced to comply with a ruling requiring this, it would be interesting to see how these issues are dealt with.

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They better make real kick a$$ one but I’d still say IE is going to be buggy. Did you see what happened on very day IE 7 was launched? tons of holes and bugs… Hackers took advantage of it and you know the rest conesequences and criticsms

No, it’s windows defender 2.0 Joke aside, that was the point. Although not likely, the user might have his/her browser on a USB stick/CD-ROM or what ever. Just good design to add it I guess.

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Well, I was trying to come up with a situation in which Microsoft would have to treat all browsers equally, while still adding a disclaimer.

Hopefully they’ll just make IE8 be a kick-ass standards supporting browser. That’ll be good enough for me.

As long as the EU decides that meets with their approval, then yes, that’s probably the way MS would prefer to do it. But would “cancel” just not install a browser at all?

It will probably be no selection unless you ask for it. Rather a page saying something like:

“We can install a browser for you to get you up and running on internett right away. We would recommend IE. It will get you up and running fast and secure. Do you want to install IE?”


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Well i’d say It’s going to be pretty hard for Microsoft to take a step at this point.Let’s see how will they respond

Opera is really a must have browser, while IE is not. They should deattach IE from OS and run IE as independent Ms windows application ( not part of windows OS )

Just throwing my opinion. It counts right?

Honestly, Microsoft would probably put IE way at the top – It may also be ticked by Default – The best way around it would be to ensure that each Browser gets a say in – and a description as well…