by Alexis Deveria


Adobe logo
I’m delighted to announce that I will be working for Adobe, starting this June. Details to follow at some later point. :)


7 Responses to “Adobe”

  1. Peter Beverloo Says:


  2. Erin Says:

    Public congratulations!

  3. Paul Irish Says:

    Super cool! Make cool shit!

  4. Zach Leatherman Says:


    I assume this means CSS Regions will be going on caniuse??

  5. Alexis Deveria Says:

    Thanks all!

    Paul – Will do!

    Zach – Hey I’d add that regardless, definitely once a browser implements it.

  6. Mathias Bynens Says:

    Congratulations! \o/

  7. Keylogger Says:

    Congratulations to you for working on adobe. Do show us some work of yours.

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