by Alexis Deveria

Fyrdility 2.0

Picture of new designFyrdility has a new design. Hope you like it!

I actually took some time with this one, rather than just incrementally making changes as I had before. I’m likely to still tweak it here and there, but I’m happy with the overall design as it is right now.

The design uses the same basic colors as the last one, while being (hopefully) more visually appealing. There’s also less experimentation (currently no border-radius or SVG background image), since I wanted to keep most features cross-browser compatible. However, IE6 support is gone, as you may have suspected from all the alpha-transparent PNGs. As my IE6 visitor usage is under 2%, it’s a privilege I am thankfully able to afford.

Note that future changes/additions will likely see more SVG/CSS3 features, since I am a big believer these technologies as well as the use of progressive enhancement. I just want to make sure I put them to proper use, and not just for sake of it (as I have been guilty of before).

I’d also like to add more interface improvements, as I love working with jQuery and improving the visitor experience. The biggest challenge I suspect is to find a way to improve things for visitors that are already used to standard blog/website conventions. I myself am not a fan of new features on sites that should make the experience better, but end up just confusing me or that give a sense of disorientation.

Your feedback is appreciated, especially let me know if you notice any accessibility issues or you feel your experience could be improved somehow.

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3 Responses to “Fyrdility 2.0”

  1. Jeff Schiller Says:

    I think it looks great Alexis! Though I’m disappointed that you didn’t get into some nice fallback scenarios with uses of SVG for those of us on later browsers, I’m sure you’ll get to that eventually.

    Bigger comment box please! :)

  2. Alexis Deveria Says:

    Thanks Jeff! I initially was going to use more vector graphics, but then I discovered I’m not enough of an artist for that. :) It’s true, however, that the shadowy effects and sidebar background might make more sense to do with SVG, so I’ll look into that.

    Fixed the comment box size, thanks for noticing!

  3. Thiago Cavalcanti Says:

    Looks cool, I like this new one a lot. Keep up with all the good work man.

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