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Here's where I store links to my older projects. Basically things I worked on before I really started as a web developer in 2005. Newer projects are listed on the Work page.

Note that all projects from this time were designed for desktop, not mobile. Flash projects have been updated to use swf2js to run.

Planet Lemmings
(2003 - 2004)

As a huge fan of the Lemmings games, I wanted to dedicate a website to it. The idea was to have it be a resource to everything Lemmings, in particular providing maps and details of every level on every platform.

Probably way too much time was spent on taking screenshots of lemmings levels for this project, rather than making it more complete with more information on every game, but hey it should still be of some value to Lemmings-lovers out there.

Roadtrips site
(2003 - 2009)

An interactive map combined with a photo gallery documenting the roadtrips taken by me and my wife in the first few years of moving to the U.S. The first (Flash) version had a bit more animation going on. Later I remade it from scratch using SVG as I started appreciating the power of web standards, though this did lack some of the features in the original.

Original site "index" in Flash
(2002 - 2004)

As I was starting to enjoy the powers of Flash, I thought it'd be fun to redesign the standard Apache index with a cool fancy one. Mostly still works, but the "blog" is broken. Don't think there was much there anyway.

Starfleet Uniform Database

A Star Trek "LCARS" styled app that lets you see the different Star Trek uniforms across the years.

The project was never quite completed and appears to be broken to the point where you can't access all the uniforms.

Outpost 10F work
(1998 - 2002)

Early work done as part of the sci-fi community I was part of for many years.

Other work
(1998 - 2001)

Other older projects and files.