Let's see, where to begin, where to begin...all so long ago...

I suppose my first computer-creations were made on my Commodore Amiga 1200, somewhere around 1993 - 1996...if I ever manage to get them off its old hard disk and on a PC, I guess I'll upload them then.

My real creations started end december 1997 though, which was also when I first started regularly using the Internet. This was the result of going to a chat room I often visited, which was introduced to me by HVG, a class-mate at the time. It was named "Ten Forward - An Interactive Star Trek Chat", which later turned into/became part of "Outpost 10F - A Sci-fi Online Community".

December 5th, 1997 was the first day I started chatting there, and the friendly community and professional design of the site are the two main elements that kept me there. While most directly (O)TF related pages and files can all be found on this page (still awaiting creation), all my other work that started at the same time can be found here.

The Beginning

These files are shown for nostalgia purposes only.
They are not meant to impress anyone with webdesign/graphics skills.
Anyone found impressed by any of the files shown on this page will be punished.

Individual files

Name: rebtrek.gif
Created: 24-Feb-1998
Size: 13K

I think this was one of my first animated files, which I enjoyed making as I'd done similar "pixally" animations before on my Amiga. I made it to show how I'd created my Star Trek / Star Wars combo symbol, later used on my Death Star Nine page, together with this file too. I'd also made an animated Windows cursor, to replace the hourglass one.


Name: kitty.gif
Created: 4-Mar-1998
Size: 72K

More of a memory than just a creation, but..considering I don't have many files left of that time, I decided to add it...this is a picture of the beany fluffy toy I got from a Ten Forward friend named Kitty. I took it with my dad's first digital camera so I could put the picture online and put it in my TF dossier. Why would I save a picture like this as a GIF file, you ask? Well, for the longest time I'd never noticed GIF files didn't support more than 256 colors. I thought it was the perfect file format as it didn't appear to change the quality as JPEGs did. Ah well.


Name: corellia.gif
Created: 4-Mar-1998
Size: 15K

I believe this was for my TF dossier again, which I put at "on-leave residence", being the Star Wars person that I was. Because yes, this is also Han Solo's home planet, which I found an image of somewhere online...the text I'd added myself, at the top the Aurebesh font I'd also managed to find and put to use (notice lack of anti-aliasing though, which MGI Photosuite I did not support). For some reason, I wanted the background of this image to be transparent, so it did make more sense to make thie file a GIF.


Name: JKAD.gif
Created: 4-Mar-1998
Size: 49K

The next dossier image, I'll first immediately add that I found the original picture somewhere else, no way would I ever be able to paint like that...anyway, this was to represent me, JKAD, "Jedi Knight Alexis Devéria", as personal picture in my dossier. As you'll probably have noticed already, my addition to it was the ST/SW combadge as seen in the first image on this page.


Name: 0K7WING.gif
Created: 5-Mar-1998
Size: 49K

Probably just another addition to my dossier, this is a picture of an X-Wing (yes, yes, stolen) with a my silver protocol droid in it, 0K-7 (or indeed, a black&white C3PO). Anyway, that was part of the JKAD story, that I had a protocol droid doubling as R2-unit in my X-Wing. So this picture was to show what that looked like.

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