End december 1997, when I first started regularly using the Internet, I was introduced to a chatroom by HVG, a class-mate at the time. It was named "Ten Forward - An Interactive Star Trek Chat", which later turned into/became part of "Outpost 10F - A Sci-fi Online Community".

December 5th, 1997 was the first day I started chatting there, and the friendly community and professional design of the site are the two main elements that kept me there. Somewhere at the end of December I joined the Security department, and was later given the position of Deputy Head. This was when I first started making pages for Ten Forward.

On these pages I'm putting all the (O)TF pages I've made and kept, in order of subject, then from old to newer versions. Now, as for the purpose of me showing all of these...I'm not quite sure. Maybe I'm afraid I might accidentily throw them away some time and they'll be lost forever.

But if somehow you're twisted enough like me to enjoy browsing through a past of pointless webpages, then by all means have fun!

These files are shown for nostalgia purposes only.
They are not meant to impress anyone with webdesign/graphics skills.
Anyone found impressed by any of the files shown on this page will be punished.

Security Home Pages

Version 1. - Page 1

Unfortunately, I can't quite remember what the full arrangement was of these security pages, just found these two...

As you see, all the original department pages used to be were lists of the people in them, descriptions on what the department did and a wonderfully working form for anyone interested to apply to be part of the team.

What was special in this first design was probably the use of TF colours, as tables in like the dossiers at the time were also in the same shade of purple. The light-blue would be TF's classic powder-blue. Before, every department appeared to have its own design and colors.

Version 1. - Page 2

This was the description of what the security department did.

Version 2. - Page 1

The first real overhaul to the security page, giving it more than just its main purpose items..showing full personnel roster with cool pip images and ICQ statuses, Men In Black theme (which was quite popular at the time), midis to listen to (not..quite security related), application form and a bunch of extra pages I'd added later, which seemed great in theory but weren't really of much practical value.

I remember I originally addded a disclaimer under the roster 'bout how cool our pip images were...even though I'd stolen them from some other site, I was quite proud of 'em.

Version 2. - Page 2

These are the security records as linked from the first you can see, this version was empty. And yes, after time it did have a couple of entries, then grew into something even bigger.

Version 3. - Page 1

As Ten Forward and peoples interest in its departments grew, so did the need for more quality homepages of these departments. Also with the growing contents, it needed to be organised better than the original all-on-one-page versions. I believe the original layout of this version was of the communications homepage, but with different colors. That's what the "HVG" is doing there at the top left, he designed the original.

Most of the linked-to pages are the same as those from the previous version, though I also added two buttons for different resolutions, which had the same content pages but smaller graphics for the other frames. I'd also made a link out of that number at the bottom-left of the top bar, but..I appear to've lost the page it went to and don't even remember what it was.

Also noticable is the "Official Ten Forward Department" image that was first added in this version, and required by all department homepages. Clicking on the "change lcars" button'd give even more options, such as the new credits page (as more people became involved in doing creative stuff for the department), links to other departments, and...well, see for yourself.

Version 3. - Page 2

The before-mentioned 640x480 version of the page.

Version 4. - Page 1

The last version of the OTF Security homepage made by me...less graphic-intensive and betterly ordered than the past version, I think I did quite a good job at making it much more practical. Might seem like a bit of an ugly color, but I think it works...the gold color is from the color of the uniforms in the laters ST series in case you were wondering, that's how I decided to work in those shades.

While the Javascript roll-over menu was my idea (having them change an image in the top frame), Josh Hal deserves all the credit for actually making it possible...same for the new logo I'd made up, which was made in 3D by (the then-named) Avatar.

On the info pages you'll find links to the detailed prime directives I came up with...while they were never made official the way you see them there, the idea of having details stated better like that was actually put into practice about a year later.

To see the current OTF security (now ISA) page, click here.

I stepped down as head of security when I got too busy running the CCC, and so also had no more to do with the upkeep of its homepage. The latest version is very impressive though, and there's actually some basic bits left the same as from last one.

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