CSS Template Layout demos

The following is a list of technical demos to test various options in the W3C's CSS3 Template Layout Module

The rendering is done by a jQuery plug-in, see the blog entry and project page for more information.

These demos were created primarily to help me test the script, I'm working on a series of practical examples on how authors may want to write their own templates.

Demo 1: W3 Example XX: Template with slots based on height, negative margins

Note: This example renders differently from example displayed in the spec, which is erroneous.

Demo 2: Nested template

Demo 3: Various sized slots with @

Demo 4: Multiple elements in one slot, ::slot(), and 'same' position

Demo 5: W3 Example X: Nested template

Demo 6: Triple-nested layouts

Demo 7: W3 example XI: "same" value for display

Demo 8: Effect of borders on slots